Top 8 Benefits Of Cosmetic Dentistry At Lomita Torrance Dental Office

Changing your smile can truly change your life. Often, our patients who receive Porcelain Veneers or undergo other Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures are inspired by the appearance of their new smile, and many go on to pursue new goals and life achievements. Exploring your options with Dr. Teboul can help start your journey toward the rewards of a beautiful, confident smile.

#1 Correct Cosmetic and Structural Flaws.

Cosmetic dentistry can bring out your natural beauty and have a positive impact on your overall well-being. In addition to affecting the smile’s appearance, worn, chipped, broken, or gapped teeth can affect your gums and jaw. Through the application of porcelain veneers, Dr. Fong can restore damaged teeth and bond them together to create long-lasting results that benefit your dental health and protect against damage. He can also conceal deep stains and discoloration for a permanently whiter, brighter smile. When improving your smile, Dr. Fong is careful to consider every aspect of your dental condition to ensure you are able to achieve the healthiest, most attractive smile possible.

#2 Gain A Better Outlook On Life.

In Dr. Fong’s experience, transforming your smile not only has an effect on your physical appearance, but it can often bring about life changes as well. Insecurities about the way your smile looks can affect how you relate to the world, making you uncomfortable and shy around others. When Dr. Fong completes a Smile Makeover, many times patients who have struggled with low self-confidence find that they become more outgoing and comfortable around other people. As confidence grows, new opportunities and relationships emerge that can alter the course of one’s life for the better.

#3 Look More Attractive!

Your smile and eyes can be your most engaging facial characteristics when you are communicating with others. Dr. Fong designs smiles with every facial characteristic in mind to create the most attractive results. He believes that eye color, skin tone, and even personality must complement the smile to achieve an optimal overall appearance. He uses the Golden Proportions philosophy to guide the design of each smile and create aesthetic harmony among features. Once your smile matches your personality and style, you will feel and look more attractive!

#4 Become More Confident in Social Situations.

Many patients become more outgoing after they undergo a Smile Makeover. As a result of their new smile, patients often begin to emit and attract more positive energy into their lives. Their improved appearance helps them feel better about what they see in the mirror, which makes getting out and enjoying life more fun and exciting!

#5 Advance Your Career!

A nice smile can have a positive impact on your career, even if you are not an actor or model. Your smile projects confidence and says a lot about who you are, and a self-assured smile may help you appear more competent and professional. People enjoy being surrounded by others who smile, as they tend to be more inviting and easy-going. In a competitive job market, you want to stand out amongst equally qualified candidates, and a healthy, beautiful smile may provide you with the extra boost you need to score the job or promotion.

#6 Reduce Signs of Aging for A More Youthful Look.

Many men and women turn to BOTOX® Cosmetic, injectable fillers, and even plastic surgery to achieve a more youthful appearance. Unfortunately, the effects of these costly treatments are temporary and require regular touch-ups to maintain the results. In many cases, a smile makeover performed by Dr. Fong can reduce key signs of facial aging with long-lasting results that help you look happier, younger, and healthier. Rejuvenating the structure of your teeth with porcelain restorations often provides better support for your lips, which can reduce the appearance of sunken cheeks and creases around the mouth. The porcelain material also conceals age-related tooth discoloration and resists future stains, keeping your smile white and bright for years to come.

#7 Prevent Severe Damage and Improve Dental Health.

Cosmetic dentistry techniques can repair damaged teeth and prevent future damage from occurring. The extremely durable, high-quality porcelain we use to create our aesthetic restorations reinforces the strength and structure of cracked, broken, and badly decayed teeth to eliminate the potential for more severe damage. Improving overall dental health is always one of Dr. Fong’s fundamental concerns when he performs any type of procedure, as healthy teeth and gums are the primary components of a beautiful, long-lasting smile.

#8 Move On After a Traumatic Experience.

Traumatic injuries and accidents that damage the teeth can have a lasting psychological and physical impact. Many times, Dr. Fong sees patients whose smiles have been injured in an accident, either recently or in years prior, that would like to repair their smile and move forward with their lives. A smile restored with advanced cosmetic dentistry techniques often helps these patients put their trauma behind them.

What to Expect During Your Cosmetic Consultation At Torrance Dentist Near You

Your Consultation with Dr. Fong should clearly establish your expectations for the experience ahead. He sees the initial appointment as a mutual interview process; while you explain your goals and decide if Dr. Fong is the right cosmetic dentist for the job, he listens carefully and evaluates whether he can deliver the outcome you desire.

Throughout the Smile Design Process, he invites his patients to communicate freely and provide valuable input. He often suggests bringing pictures of the specific smile you may want, along with a list of questions to discuss to help facilitate a productive dialogue.

It’s critical that you feel comfortable with and understand the treatment plan he develops for creating your new smile. He thoroughly explains each step of the process and encourages follow-up questions. He even makes himself available to address concerns that may arise at any point after the appointment.

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