Could Dental Implants Help Your Smile Makeover?

At this time of year many people begin thinking about smile makeover, perhaps for a New Year and X-mass or other special event, but they may not choose to do anything about it until much nearer the event.

Why You Should Plan Ahead if You Are Considering Dental Implants?

This is fine if your smile makeover is relatively straightforward, but more complex procedures such as dental implants require extensive planning and will normally take several months to complete. The process can be further complicated if you require any additional procedures prior to implants as quite often bone grafts are needed to prepare the area for implants. It is best to allow as much time as possible for your smile makeover, particularly if you would like it completed by a certain date.

Implants: Stress-Free Manner in Torrance, CA

By planning ahead, you will ensure that every procedure can be carried out correctly without rushing and that any adjustments or alterations can be completed in plenty of time and without causing you any stress. Another thing to think about is any other procedures you may be considering, as treatments often need to be carried out in a specific order to maximize success. For example, if you are considering orthodontic braces, this might need to be completed before any implant treatment. There is a lot to consider with any smile makeover that is likely to require a combination of different treatments. So where should you start?

Finding Out If You Are Suitable for Dental Implants

The majority of people are suitable for dental implants, but it is best to find out for sure as soon as possible. Dr. Teboul of Lomita-Torrance Dental Office is highly trained and experienced in dental implant process and will be able to assess if you are suitable, and if so which implant system would be best for your needs. This assessment will also take into account your jawbone quality, as the size and shape of your jawbone can soon change after natural tooth extraction. If you do need a bone graft then there is no need to worry, as Dr. Teboul is very experienced in placing bone grafts using the most advanced grafting materials available today.

Smile Makeover and Tooth Extraction Technique

If teeth still need to be removed, then Dr. Teboul will ensure they are extracted in the least invasive way possible, minimizing damage to the surrounding tissue bone by using a specialized technique called an atraumatic extraction which can be highly beneficial for anyone considering dental implants. All these things can be discussed during your consultation and you should leave the practice with a much clearer picture of the treatments required, the time needed to comfortably complete them and the costs.

By choosing Dr. Teboul, you can be sure of receiving the very highest level of dental care and all work is carried out using the most advanced materials available. Only high quality dental implant components will be used, ensuring your newly restored teeth will look great and the results will be long-lasting.