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Do you wish to dramatically improve the appearance of your smile? If so, porcelain veneers may be the right solution for you. Conveniently located in Torrance, CA, Lomita-Torrance Dental offers several life-changing, confidence-boosting cosmetic treatments that enhance the beauty and balance of our patients’ smiles.

Dental veneers are a cosmetic procedure that allows us to permanently treat a range of imperfections. At one time, dental veneers were considered a procedure that only celebrities could afford. Today’s veneers are more practical and affordable than ever and make it possible for just about anyone to have a beautiful smile.

At Lomita-Torrance Dental, we can prepare your teeth and place your veneers for you. We also offer financing options, including Care Credit, to make veneers possible even if you are on a budget.

Dental Veneers Torrance, CA

Dr. Teboul provides dental veneers so that patients can restore damaged teeth or transform their smile into something beautiful. At Lomita-Torrance Dental Office we often treat patients that have a variety of dental concerns. Some patients visit our Torrance office because they break their tooth, while others are looking to create a Hollywood smile. Most people are candidates for the procedure as long as their tooth structure and roots are in place. If, however, you have a cavity or gum disease, this will need to be treated before we complete the procedure.

You no longer have to stifle your smile to hide gaps between your teeth or conceal teeth that are chipped or discolored. You can instead opt for our porcelain veneers. Veneers are thin, custom-made shells of porcelain designed to fit over the front of your teeth. They literally provide a brand new smile in only 1-2 visits at Lomita-Torrance Dental Office in Torrance, restoring your smile to its full confidence and beauty. Dr. Teboul respects tooth enamel and with our unique techniques, we offer minimal-prep and no-prep veneers which eliminate the need for removal of sensitive tooth structure.

Dissatisfaction with your smile can have a profound impact on nearly every area of your life. If you are prone to hiding your smile or feel uncomfortable with the appearance of your teeth, your job prospects may suffer, your personal and social life may be stunted, and your general satisfaction may be diminished. But you don’t have to live like that.

With porcelain veneers, you can have a smile that lets you feel your most confident, attractive and self-assured. Our Torrance City cosmetic dentists work with an industry leading master ceramist to craft porcelain veneers that are custom-designed to perfect and complement your unique smile and facial features. What’s more, the veneers we offer are durable, beautiful and capable of addressing myriad cosmetic dental problems to produce a smile you will be proud to show the world.

To learn more about veneers in Torrance or to schedule an appointment with our experienced cosmetic dentists, please call Lomita-Torrance Dental Office at (424) 201-2885 today. Located in Torrance, our cosmetic dentist welcome patients from all areas of Los Angeles County, along with surrounding communities in Lomita, Lawndale, and Gardena.

What Is a Dental Veneer?

Porcelain veneers, also known as dental veneers, are a popular, virtually painless cosmetic dentistry procedure that can address a wide variety of common dental concerns. Constructed from a very thin, yet durable, ceramic material, veneers are bonded to the front of each tooth to form a beautiful, natural-looking smile.

Dental veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are fitted over the front of your teeth to cover troublesome imperfections. The translucency of the veneers allows the natural shade of your teeth to shine through, keeping your smile natural and never fake. The shade of the veneer, along with its shape and size will be made to match your surrounding teeth so that it blends in perfectly.

Problems Addressed by Porcelain Veneers/Dental Veneers

Veneers are placed over the front of teeth to conceal a variety of cosmetic dental problems. Some of the most common issues fixed by porcelain veneers are:

  • Gaps and spaces in between teeth
  • Crooked tooth presentation
  • Irregularly shaped or unevenly sized teeth
  • Stains that will not respond to tooth whitening treatments

With their ability to correct cosmetic malocclusion such as issues with tooth spacing and positioning, veneers are sometimes referred to as “instant orthodontics.” Indeed, for some patients, these cosmetic restorations serve as a wonderful alternative to more invasive orthodontic options.

Porcelain veneers may also serve as a stand-alone solution for the correction of many cosmetic problems impacting a single smile – allowing them to provide a complete smile makeover in some instances. This will be discussed with you in greater detail during your initial consultation with one of our experienced and dedicated Lomita-Torrance cosmetic dentists.

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Evaluating Your Smile

Our goal is to always produce natural-looking enhancements that enhance a patient’s facial features, rather than overpowering them. Guided by the motto

“sometimes less is more,”

our dental professionals spend ample time communicating with a patient about his or her cosmetic goals for treatment and which cosmetic or restorative procedure is in his or her best interests. Additionally, our dentists will evaluate your smile, determine which treatments are best suited to your case, and then present you will all of your treatment options.

We want you to feel confident in whatever decisions you make regarding your dental care. By being educated about the options that are available to you, you will be able to make an informed choice about how to proceed. We ask that prior to your consultation, you put a lot of thought into what you want you smile to look like. Our dental team values your opinion and asks that you participate in the creation of your cosmetic enhancement. By doing so, we can set realistic expectations for your treatment and achieve superior results.

How Is a Dental Veneer Used?

We can accomplish a variety of things using dental veneers. By placing veneers on top of the teeth, we can close gaps, make teeth even in length, cover dark stains and create a uniform looking smile. In this way, veneers can create a smile that rivals the most famous Hollywood stars. The nice thing is that you do not have to be famous to improve your smile. You simply need to call (424) 201-2885 and schedule an appointment to see Dr. Teboul.

We also use dental veneers for restorations. When teeth become cracked, chipped or broken, a veneer can restore the tooth to its full functionality. As long as the tooth structure is intact, we can restore the appearance of a tooth while making it possible to eat and speak without feeling any discomfort.

The Porcelain Veneers Procedure at Lomita-Torrance Dental Office

When you come to Lomita-Torrance Dental Office for veneers, you are going to get a completely different experience. While veneers can be made of various materials, our dentists often opt for those made of porcelain for stronger results. Each porcelain shell is molded and cemented to the front of the tooth to ensure the most natural, comfortable results with an exact fit. We do only offer minimally-invasive veneers; we do not remove healthy tooth structure unnecessarily.

Veneers are placed over three to four visits to our Lomita-Torrance dental office. During your first visit, Dr. Teboul will listen to your concerns, evaluate your teeth and gums, and cover all of your treatment options. If porcelain veneers are the best fit, the planning phase can begin.

Your second visit will be used to prepare your smile for your personalized veneers. During this visit, an impression of your teeth will be made, allowing for absolute customization of your restorations, and tooth preparation will be completed. After your teeth are prepared for veneers, temporary restorations will be placed to act as placeholders until your permanent veneers have been created.

We collaborate with ceramist for all the porcelain veneer treatments at our practice. Once you and our cosmetic dentists plan your treatment, Dr. Teboul performs the actual fabrication of the veneers, which are then returned to us for the final placement.

Dr. Teboul crafts veneers to our exacting specifications. Your veneers will be shaded, sized, shaped, and polished to fit seamlessly into your smile, producing a natural look that is complementary to your facial features and designed to fit comfortably into your mouth.

The Final Result: A Beautiful Smile

The final stage in the process involves affixing your new veneers in place. Our dentist does this by applying a resin between your original tooth and the veneer, then hardening the resin with a curing light. The end result of your veneers procedure is a beautiful smile that looks and feels natural.

In the very rare cases that customized veneers are not absolutely perfect, a fourth visit may be needed for final adjustments. We will discuss this and all other aspects of the porcelain veneers process during your initial consultation at our Lomita-Torrance dental office.

We may schedule a follow-up appointment to ensure your veneers are performing properly, and you can always contact us with any questions or concerns. For more information on our porcelain veneers or other procedures, please contact Lomita-Torrance Dental Office located in Torrance, CA.

After the Procedure

Your teeth will typically be sore for a few days after the preparation phase and after placing the permanent veneers. During this time, you can take pain medication to help you stay comfortable. Patients can also benefit from getting rest and using a cold compress to reduce any swelling. Dr. Teboul recommend that patients watch what they eat for a few days and stick with foods that are soft. While there is a short recovery time when getting veneers, the procedure is entirely worth it because in the end, you will have a beautiful smile.

Benefits of Dental Veneers

The benefits of porcelain veneers extend beyond just cosmetic results. They can improve your confidence, bring harmony to your facial features, and give you a beautiful new reason to smile. Benefits of enhancing your smile using porcelain veneers include:

  • Immediate results
  • Restored self-esteem
  • Correction of minor structural imperfections
  • Correction of multiple flaws
  • Improvement of cosmetic flaws
  • Achieving a natural-looking smile
  • Long-lasting results, which can last for 10-15 years or more
  • Easily maintainable smile that is resistant to stains
  • You smile will look aligned and healthy
  • Restored length and function to your teeth

During your cosmetic dentistry consultation, we can cover advantages offered by porcelain veneers in more detail to help you determine if they are the best solution for your lifestyle.

The Downside

As with most cosmetic procedures, there can be some discomfort associated with getting dental veneers installed. This is to be expected, however, we do our best to keep patients comfortable during the procedure so that you will not experience any pain while the veneers are being placed or your teeth are being prepared. The process can take several weeks so there will be a period where you need to be careful about what you eat and what activities you engage in. In other words, do not play football after getting temporary veneers placed onto your teeth. You should schedule the procedure for a time where you will be close to home and able to take easy.

Am I a Candidate for Porcelain Veneers/Dental Veneers?

The best candidates for dental veneers are men and women who are unhappy with the appearance of their smiles and who are not experiencing oral health issues such as tooth decay, gum disease, or oral cancer. If you have a preexisting oral health issue, Dr. Teboul will need to address the problem before veneers can be considered.

We strongly believe that you deserve to feel confident and joyful when you smile, laugh and speak. If you feel self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth, you may not want to smile, or you may cover your mouth with your hand or shy away from social interactions. The way you feel about your smile has the capacity to affect all corners of your life, from your desire to pose for photos to your feelings of self-confidence in a professional setting. Dental veneers can rejuvenate your entire smile over the course of just a few dental appointments.

The question of whether porcelain veneers are right for you largely depends on your own feelings about your smile. Our Torrance cosmetic dentists approach treatment planning by looking at things from your perspective. If you feel unhappy with your smile, you probably know what changes you want to make. We will listen closely your concerns so that we can suggest the cosmetic dentistry treatments that will provide the longest-lasting results and that will allow you to live the fullest, most confident life.

Nearly anyone with good dental health and sufficient tooth enamel can be a good candidate for porcelain veneers. The versatility and conservative nature of the procedure make it ideal for accomplishing cosmetic enhancements which used to require extensive dental treatment. If you are wondering about whether porcelain veneers are the right option for you, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Teboul.

Caring for Porcelain Veneers/Dental Veneers

The high-quality veneers that Dr. Teboul uses are made from extremely durable ceramic materials that withstand normal wear and resist staining; however, it is still important to maintain good hygiene habits and regular dental visits. If you are prone to clenching and grinding, wearing a nightguard is also recommended to protect your veneers. When properly cared for and maintained, it is possible for high-quality porcelain veneers to remain strong and beautiful for decades.

One of the most remarkable things about porcelain veneers is just how easy they are to care for. In many cases, veneers require no adjustment to your daily routine, although there are some modifications that may need to be made.

To prevent damage to your porcelain veneers, you will want to:

  • Use a soft bristled toothbrush
  • Avoid toothpastes with baking soda and other abrasives
  • Refrain from using an astringent mouthwash

Taking care of veneers is just like taking care of your natural teeth. Brushing with a soft bristled toothbrush after every meal and flossing once or twice a day will help keep your veneers bright and attractive while helping prevent decay from forming underneath or alongside.

Biannual visits to our Lomita-Torrance dental office are also recommended so that we can detect small issues before they become serious problems – both concerning your veneers and your general oral health. During these visits, Dr. Teboul will examine your veneers, underlying tooth enamel, and all adjacent teeth to help ensure lasting oral health and beauty.

Schedule A Consultation for Dental Veneers at Lomita-Torrance Dental Office

Lomita-Torrance Dental provides state-of-the-art dental care and results. You deserve an outstanding aesthetic result, but you also deserve the guidance of skilled cosmetic dentists committed to your individual goals and concerns. Our approach relies heavily on listening to you and seeing things from your perspective. We marry this patient-centered focus with advanced dental techniques to provide the most rewarding experience to everyone who comes through our doors.

To schedule a consultation with one of our experienced cosmetic dentists, please call Lomita-Torrance Dental Office at (424) 201-2885. We proudly serve Torrance, Lomita and all surrounding areas.

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