Lomita Torrance Dental Periodontist Gives You Advice on Missing Teeth

Are you facing the loss of all your teeth in the near future? If so you might be trying to come to terms with wearing dentures for the rest of your life, a prospect which a lot of people don’t like to contemplate. While some will find it perfectly easy to get on with wearing full or complete dentures, many more will struggle and find them uncomfortable and cumbersome to wear. So what can Lomita Torrance periodontist recommend you?

Support a Permanent Bridge

Dental implants are increasingly common and can offer a far more permanent solution to tooth loss. You don’t need to replace every single missing tooth with an implant as relatively few are required to support quite a large bridge replacing eight, ten or even twelve teeth in one arch.

The implant posts are inserted into your jawbone during a short surgical procedure and once healed are used to support the bridge. The fact that they are inserted into the jawbone helps to secure the implants firmly in place so by the time they have bonded with the jawbone they’ll be extremely strong. The implant posts are made from surgical grade titanium as this is a very inert metal that will not react with the body. The result should be a very strong and stable restoration that should give many years of trouble-free use, provided the implants are correctly cared for.

Check All Possibilities Before Choosing Any Option

There are some restrictions on who can have dental implants as you must have reasonable health and you shouldn’t have any untreated dental diseases. For example, if you have gum disease then it is best to visit Dr. Denial Teboul at Lomita-Torrance Dental Office, a periodontist, to get the most appropriate treatment and to find out more about dental implants Lomita, Torrance.

The Planning Stage with Your Torrance Periodontist

The actual treatment is straightforward, but is definitely best carried out by someone experienced in placing dental implants -a periodontist Torrance, CA. This is partly because the procedure for planning dental implants is quite complicated and it is absolutely essential it is carried out correctly and isn’t rushed.

The planning procedure starts with various diagnostic tests which are used to determine the amount of available bone in the jaw as if this is inadequate it will need to be built up before the implants are inserted, or possibly at the same time. This planning stage also helps identify the best possible position for each implant. This is very important and does take a lot of skill and planning as it is vital that structures such as nerves, blood vessels and sinuses are avoided. But at the same time the implants must be placed in such a way so that when the bridge is fabricated it will look and feel very natural. If necessary special surgical guides or templates are fabricated for use during surgery and which help to pinpoint the exact location for implant placement.

Treatment Can Take a While but Is Worth It by a Periodontist Lomita Torrance Dental

This can all take a while to plan and once the implants are in position then they will need time to heal before the permanent bridge can be made. Even though you do need to be prepared to spend a few months on getting your new teeth, the results will be far superior and far more long-lasting than dentures.