How Should I Take Care Of My Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is a custom-made ceramic cap used to bind and seal the visible portion of a tooth that has been damaged by excessive decay or injury or has had extensive previous restorative treatment (ie. large fillings/root canal therapy etc). Due to their robustness and high-stress resistance properties, they offer protective strength for teeth that lack structural integrity. Dental crowns are grouped according to the type of materials they are made from. Porcelain, gold and metal/ceramic are some of the most common materials.

Dental crowns are generally completed over two or more dental appointments. During the first session, measurements and impressions or moulds of your prepared teeth will be taken. The data will be collected and sent to our ceramist to create the permanent crown. In the meantime, Dr. Fong will place a temporary crown to cover the prepared tooth as you wait for the permanent crown to be made – this usually takes 2 – 3 weeks. At the second visit, the temporary crown will be removed and the custom-made permanent crown will be carefully bonded.

Dental Crowns Post-Treatment Care

#1 Temporary Crowns

As with any dental restoration, you would need to look after your crown to keep it in good working order. The temporary crown is designed to protect your prepared tooth until it is permanently restored. With that in mind, you should avoid sticky or hard foods that may move or dislodge the temporary crown. Avoid chewing gum or crunchy foods like peanut brittle and carrots during this time.

#2 Permanent Crowns

Thankfully, permanent crowns require less maintenance but great care habits will still help you get the best out of them. Depending on how well you look after them, permanent crowns can last over 15 years.

Upon first receiving your crowns, it pays to be more cautious. As your gums may be sensitive immediately after the treatment, you may wish to use a toothbrush with soft bristles and toothpaste for sensitive teeth. After the initial period, you can resume your routine brushing and flossing. Using an electric toothbrush helps to deliver more precise and dynamic cleaning. You are encouraged to floss at least once a day – taking care to floss around the crown with gentle strokes. Rinsing after meals with antibacterial mouthwash also helps to keep the surrounding area clear of food particles and smells.

Dental crowns are designed to protect your underlying tooth, but they do not rule out tooth decay or gum disease. Your daily oral care regime is imperative if you wish to maintain the longevity of your crown and good condition of the underlying tooth.

You should also schedule regular preventative care appointments with the hygienist in combination with regular examination with your dentist.  They will be able to ensure that your restorations remain in excellent condition while giving your crowns – and the rest of your pearlies – a gentle yet thorough professional clean.

Lomita Torrance Dental Difference

At the Lomita Torrance Dental, we use all-ceramic dental crowns. Made from a strong and durable material, this type of crown is known to give the most superior aesthetics with excellent longevity. They are also biocompatible which promotes the health of surrounding gums eliminating inflamed tissue and ensuring a beautiful and comfortable result.

Using advanced technology, all-ceramic crown restorative techniques are more conservative and preserve more of the patient’s healthy natural teeth, while promising less invasive procedures. In the hands of an experienced dentist, your crown will be a perfect fit that totally encases your underlying tooth following an airtight seal-and-bind process.

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