Top 7 Questions to Ask Your Torrance Dentist

As a leading dental practice serving the Torrance, Lomita, and West Carson, CA areas, we’re proud to provide high-quality, personalized dental care to our patients, but we believe that in addition to in-office treatments, patient education is vitally important to a healthy smile. Read on to learn how to make the most of your dental visit and what questions to ask your Torrance dentist.

#1. How Can I Improve My Dental Health?

During your exam, your dentist will look for and explain areas of future concern as well as any current issues. Pay attention to this information and use it as an opportunity to ask follow-up questions.

Ask your dentist for a summary of your overall dental health, how you can better manage your daily care, and any other areas you can improve.

A few specific dental care questions you can ask include:

  • Am I brushing and flossing correctly?
  • Can you demonstrate proper brushing and flossing technique?
  • Are the dental tools I’m using the best choice for my teeth?
  • How do my gums look?
  • Are there any teeth we need to keep a closer eye on?

In addition to these questions, make sure to mention any problems you’re experiencing, even if they seem minor. If you have pain, sensitivity, or abnormalities, bring them up! Remember, catching issues early on is the key to successful treatment and the best way to ensure lifelong dental health.

#2. What is My Overall Oral Health Situation?

This question is about getting a broad view of your oral health. Knowing whether you’re generally doing pretty well or are not in the best shape can help you to make more informed decisions about treatments. It can also provide insight on other areas of your health or lifestyle – nutrition or exercise, for example – that are contributing to, and being affected by, your oral health.

#3. Is there Anything that I should tell My Family Doctor About?

There is a range of health problems that begins in the mouth. Changes inside your mouth can signal certain conditions, such as vitamin deficiencies or osteoporosis; inflamed gums can be an indicator of diabetes. Your dentist can make you aware of which symptoms should be brought to your GP’s attention.

#4. What are the Risks and Benefits of this Dental Procedure?

Any medical procedure—dental or otherwise—comes with some risks. Before agreeing to have anything done, it is your responsibility to inquire about any reasonable risks and/or benefits. With the choices laid out for you, you can then make the decision that is best for you.

#5. How Can I Improve the Whiteness of My Teeth?

A beautiful smile showing clean, white teeth gives a tremendous boost to your confidence. Most people experience some discoloration of teeth over the years, either from surface or extrinsic stains or internal ones. Treat stains caused by coffee, wine, tobacco and pigmented foods with at-home whitening or have a professional, in-office whitening done regularly. For intrinsic discoloration, consider composite bonding or the application of veneers to the affected teeth, which provides a more permanent solution.

#6. Do You Feel Comfortable with the Dentist?

This may be a gut-instinct but do you feel they are listening to you and giving you bespoke advice related to your mouth and habits. You only have one set of teeth so be careful who you entrust them to.

#7. What is Your Continuing Education Policy?

The science and practice of dentistry is constantly changing, and your dentist should be attending continuing education to keep up with the latest. Don’t be afraid to ask how they stay current with new treatments and technologies.

BONUS: Be prepared.

Ok, this isn’t a question, but being as prepared as you can is also important to getting the best possible dental care. If you’re experiencing any kind of problem in your mouth, like a sore jaw or sore gums, or notice anything unusual, such as a lump or irritation, be sure to speak up about it. Even if it doesn’t seem like a big deal to you, your dentist will be able to tell if it’s something that needs to be monitored or addressed.

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