Sedation Dentistry Techniques: Pain-Free Dental Visits

Dental implants are an excellent way to replace single or multiple missing teeth, but the treatment does require a small surgical procedure. Unfortunately, here at Lomita Torrance Dental Office, we are aware that this does put off some people, and this is why we would like to reassure you that your implant treatment can be completely painless and with the use of the very latest sedation dentistry techniques we can ensure you get through it smoothly and comfortably.

Sedation Dentistry Techniques: Safe and Comfortable Experience

With sedation dentistry techniques, you can receive all the treatment you need while feeling relaxed and comfortable. It is ideal for people who have quite deep-seated fears and phobias and who may have ended up losing teeth due to being unable to seek dental treatment. If this sounds familiar, then we would like to invite you to come in to chat to Dr. Daniel Teboul who is the principal of our practice. If you feel comfortable at this stage, he can gently examine your mouth to find out the kind of problems that require correction. It is important to remember that this is just an examination that will not cause you any pain and no treatment will be provided at this stage.

Once Dr. Teboul has a clear picture of your current dental health, he can recommend the most suitable treatments to help restore your smile. If you have not visited a dentist for a while then we may need to treat any existing dental disease before you have your dental implants. Dr. Teboul can also talk to you in some detail about all the sedation techniques available to you.

Overcoming Dental Fear and Anxiety

You will find there is a lot we can do to help and there are different levels of sedation dentistry techniques that can be used to cope with your level of odontophobia. Anyone who is only mildly anxious may only need minimal sedation, but for people who feel more fearful we can provide moderate or even deep sedation. With moderate sedation you will still be conscious and able to communicate with us during treatment but you are extremely unlikely to remember anything afterwards. With deep sedation you may feel sleepy enough to actually drop off during treatment but we will still be able to wake you if we need to communicate with you.

Dental Implant Treatment Under Sedation

Sedation dentistry techniques are extremely useful in helping people receive essential dental work that includes dental implants and we can complete far more treatment during just one appointment. Afterwards you are unlikely to have any recollection about your appointment which can be perfect for anybody with deep-seated dental fears.

Ultimately, we hope you will gradually feel more comfortable about receiving dental treatment, especially after we have restored your dental health and your smile. Once you have better dental health, we can talk to you about maintaining it which should be pretty easy to cope with. From then on treatment could be as simple as seeing us for regular checkups and the great thing about regular dental appointments is that you will be far less likely to need any major treatment as your dental health will be continually maintained.

With any type of sedation dentistry, you don’t need to put up with poor dental health and missing teeth any longer.

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