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Your eyes may be the window to your soul, but your smile is a priceless facet that can now be easily improved with Torrance cosmetic dentistry. From subtle changes to major repairs. There are a variety of dental treatments now available to improve the look of your smile. It also return your teeth to their natural healthy appearance. Let’s take a look at some of the options available that are now more popular than ever.

Teeth Straightening for Adults

As adults, we often consider orthodontic treatment to address crooked teeth and overbite concerns no longer an option. Solutions for children are very effective. With the recent changes to modern orthodontic care, more mature Americans can benefit from treatments to correct an overbite. Or an obtrusive tooth that makes you feel very self conscious. There are a number of teeth straightening options available and one that is sure to address your individual concerns.

Restore a Chipped or Wrecked Tooth

It’s an unfortunate fact that chipped teeth are all too common. An unfortunate incident that results in broken tooth will not only cause you to feel self conscious about your teeth. It can be quite painful so it really does need to be addressed promptly. Chipped and broken teeth repairs are among the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures and there are good safe options available.

Repairing your teeth and helping you to restore your confident smile is important and a service that Lomita Torrance Dental Care offer to patients. As always there are a variety of options available, which can be discussed at your consultation, including bonding and crowns.

Using resin, which matches the color of your teeth, chips are repaired and your natural tooth surface is soon returned. This option is commonly used when damage occurs to a front tooth that is easily seen. Another treatment available is a crown, which is typically recommended when there is a much larger tooth break or evidence of decay whilst the root is still strong. A crown can be made with a number of materials. It offers a natural-looking result to help you restore your smile fast!

Choosing the Right Cosmetic Treatment

With so many effective dental treatments available, it’s important to chat to your Torrance Cosmetic Dentist about any concerns you have with your teeth so you can improve your smile and give you back the look and confidence you desire. When considering each option, remember to discuss what the final results will look like and of course any ongoing maintenance that may be necessary. You’ll also have the opportunity to see a range of before and after photos which will allow you to see for yourself the result you will also achieve and you’ll know, before you commence, that the specific treatment plan recommended for you is going to work wonders.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments managed under the supervision of experienced professional dentists are safe. As with all options, they are tailored to the individual. Don’t hesitate to smile because of concerns you have with your teeth. Modern dental solutions are now available to address the color, shape and even size of your teeth, returning them to a natural appearance.

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

You’ve seen celebrities flash their pearly whites and notice how lovely their white teeth look. What’s exciting though is that you don’t need to be famous to achieve the same result.

Overtime food, coffee and wine can tarnish the color of our teeth, causing them to take on a variety to shades other than white. Many of us become embarrassed to smile, preferring to hide our mouths and keep our teeth well covered. But you need not anymore. Whether you are seeking a slight adjustment or a complete makeover, Lomita Torrance Dental Care has the expertise to bring your teeth back to a shade that you are happy with.

There are many alternatives to consider, both at home treatments and solutions carried out by a dentist. Whilst the at-home whitening gel program will take slightly longer to achieve desired results, it’s a great option for you to undertake, at night, over a period of 7-10 days. If you prefer a more speedy approach, opting for an in-chair treatment is well worth considering.

Adjusting the Shape of Teeth with Veneers

Sometimes teeth develop with natural uneven surfaces or are just not shaped in a way we are totally comfortable with. Luckily cosmetic dentistry offers solutions, which are a good alternative to crowns and less expensive. Veneers are typically porcelain but can be plastic too. Used to correct teeth shapes and even adjust the appearance of uneven spaces, they are a great option and can last a lifetime.

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