Irregular Dental Visits to Lomita Torrance Dental Office Enhance Poor Tooth

Lomita Torrance people who stay away from the Torrance dentists are four times more likely to have decomposing poor tooth, a new report says.

Dental attendance patterns and oral health status bring into knowledge how the management of dental decomposing was influenced by the regularity of visits to a Torrance dentist.

“Those with an unfavorable pattern of dental attendance had more than four times the level of untouched decayed tooth and two times more tooth missing due to dental decompose,”

High dental costs were a major issue for adults not visiting a dentist, the report said.

“Adults were three times more likely to avoid or delay dental care due to the cost. They would have trouble paying a $100 dental bill and were distressed when making a dental visit.”

The report also found that gum infection occurred more often amongst adults who visited the dentist occasionally.

Unluckily it is a fact of life that dental treatment is relatively expensive with minimal to no Medicare support and health insurance that does not provide sufficient cover of fees. This means that for many people dental care is too expensive and hence they delay treatment or simply avoid coming for checkups and only be present at when they are in pain. When you add cost to other considerations like being worried about treatment it is not surprising that some people avoid coming to the dentist for years at a time.

Dr. Fong find it surprising that I can get my eyes tested and that Medicare will pay for that yet the same does not happen for a dental check. The situation of a person’s tooth and gums does not only affect the mouth but has an impact on their overall health with links to things like heart disease, strokes and diabetes just to name a few. The mouth can also show signs of underlying illness and disease and your dentist may be able to do more than tell you have a cavity or gum problems. However it is not all bad news as since 1994 the number of people actually attending for checkups with their dentist has increased but the trend to delay or put off treatment continues with cost being the major prohibiting factor.

Everyone knows that regular dental checkups are vital to maintain the tooth and gums and prevent future problems but in this current financial climate more needs to be done to support those who find it difficult to afford treatment. Perhaps if Medicare and or health funds covered the cost of at least one annual checkup, clean and x-rays this might help?!

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It’s critical that you feel comfortable with and understand the treatment plan he develops for creating your new smile. He thoroughly explains each step of the process and encourages follow-up questions. He even makes himself available to address concerns that may arise at any point after the appointment.

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