Periodontal Care

Preventing and treating periodontal disease is an important part of your overall oral health care plan. Healthy teeth need both healthy gums and bone to hold them in place and protect their roots.

At Lomita-Torrance Dental, we offer total periodontal care to keep your gums in great shape and free from periodontal disease. If gum disease is currently a concern, we will work with you to treat the condition and prevent it from progressing any further.

What is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease occurs when inflammation and infections affect your gums and jaw bone. Mild gum disease, or gingivitis, is very common and can usually be reversed by making simple changes to your dental hygiene habits (and sometimes adding an antimicrobial mouthwash). Early gingivitis symptoms include mild swelling and redness in your gums.

As periodontal disease advances, your gums become more inflamed and your jaw bone is damaged. You may notice bleeding, especially while brushing. Your gums may recede from your teeth, and you will develop pockets where infections can occur. Luckily, plenty of research has been done in the field of periodontal care, and many treatments are available today to stop even advanced gum and bone disease and repair the damage that has been done.

Preventing Periodontal Disease

Ideally, we want to stop periodontal disease before it even starts. At your cleanings and examinations, we will discuss your periodontal self-care, what you’re doing right, and where you can make improvements. Brushing and flossing twice a day as directed by our Lomita-Torrance dentists is a great start.

Regular cleanings with one of our skilled and gentle dental hygienists are an important part of preventing gum disease. Tartar can’t be removed with a toothbrush or dental floss; however, our hygienists use specialized instruments to remove this tartar from beneath your gumline before it can cause problems.

Treating Gum Disease

Despite our best efforts, gum disease can still sometimes occur. Whether you started a preventive care program later in life or your gum disease is a result of genetics, we can help you get it back under control. It’s never too late to give yourself the gift of healthy gums.

At Lomita-Torrance Dental, we rely on a combination of tried-and-true periodontal care techniques and innovative new procedures to give you a truly comprehensive care plan for treating gum and bone disease.

One treatment that’s been shown to be consistently effective in both the treatment and prevention of gum disease is scaling and root planing, also known as “deep cleaning.” This treatment cleans the roots of your teeth below the gums to make them more resistant to gum disease and to smooth out the surface so bacteria don’t have a place to cling to.

In more advanced cases, surgery may be the answer. As your gums recede, more of your tooth becomes exposed, indicating the presence of bone damage. In time, you could lose the tooth. Surgery repairs the damaged gum tissue and jaw bone so that your teeth remain protected.

We want to help you enjoy total dental health, which includes healthy gums. To schedule your cleaning or a complete periodontal examination and evaluation, please call our office today.